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Brick & Stone Cleaning

We consider it very important to select the most appropriate method of cleaning period properties and facades, dependant on the building fabric, level of deterioration & soiling and also the required finish. As well as improving the aesthetics of a building, cleaning is also an important measure of maintenance which will contribute to the preservation of the façade and prevent further deterioration.

Architectural Brickwork offer the following cleaning systems and methods:

  • DOFF & Therma Tech Steam Cleaning Systems
  • The TORC System
  • Specialist Chemical & Poultice Systems (Including Paint Stripping)
lime mortar repointing

Lime Mortar Repointing

The overall appearance of a brick or stone wall owes as much to the selection and style of the lime mortar joint as to the brick and stone itself. Architectural Brickwork offer all styles of specialist lime mortar repointing, including flush, penny roll, ribbon and tuck pointing.

Period properties were built in such a way that they need to be able to absorb moisture, naturally release moisture, move and self heal, which is why we use flexible and breathable lime mortar over cement.

Many properties have been and still to the current day are being repointed using cement based mortar, which will force moisture through the face of the brick or stone, trap it and eventually lead to decay in the brick or stone.

Pebble Dash & Paint Removal

Removing the pebbledash or paint from a period property is just as important as cleaning and repointing the properties. Cement based pebble dash and weatherproof paints will stop the building from being able to absorb and release moisture naturally, will trap the damp and will eventually lead to decay in the brick or stone.

Brickwork & Stonework

Architectural Brickwork have an experienced bricklaying team who often carry out replacement and repairs to parapet walls, building elevations, chimney stacks, structural adjustments and repairs and garden walls using hydraulic lime mortar. Modern brickwork requirements using cement based mortars will not be undertaken by our team.

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